There are 6 simple steps you can take to save money and make a move to a new home in Redditch, Bromsgrove and surrounding areas a less stressful experience

Packing your belongings

Start packing things that are easy to manage,rather than wasting time in waiting for your removals to arrive, use it to get familiar with specific things they will not relocate for you for safety reasons.
This will not only save you some money but will speed up the removal time to your new home

Don’t waste time packing heavy items.
DAD’s Removals will take care of it.
You can use that time to take care of anything that is relatively more important and easy to pack.
Of course, you are going to need proper packing materials to get some part of the packing job done by yourself.
Don’t go overboard while purchasing the packing supplies and instead, reuse cardboard boxes and bubble wraps lying in your storeroom.

Visit your New Home a few times in Advance

As you have chosen this place as your new home, visit the area frequently to be acquainted with your new area.
It’s also important to understand the new space where you are going to put your furniture.
This will give you a hint whether you need to get rid of some stuff that may not fit in your new home.

Know the best way to get from your Old Home to your New Home

Getting the directions and road maps right before moving is very important.
You do not want to get lost on your moving day so plan your journey beforehand.

If Possible, take your furniture apart

If it is possible, disassemble your furniture in advance.
Get the legs of couches and tables out and put bed frames completely apart.
This makes moving furniture easier and prevents damages caused by brushing up against door frames and walls.
It also saves lots of time and energy when moving.

Get Professional Help

If you really care about your belongings and emotional attachment of your family members with them, dedicate a budget to take professional assistance from DAD’s Removals.
This is important because we move your items safely, plus we help you with packing and storing items long before your move.
Your items are packed properly so that they remain protected during the move.

Clean and Prepare your New Home

Removing clutter, dust and dirt from your new home before DAD’s Removals begins to move your belongings into your home, will relieve a lot of stress later.

So when everything has been moved in, assembled and put in its place, you can take the time to rest and take in the excitement of the move.

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