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Example 1: House Removals Redditch. A Typical 2 bedroom Redditch house removal move locally will cost between £350-£450 with 3 men (optional resident assistance with smaller items). Flats above ground floor and if there are problems with item sizes fitting through doors will effect the price. price also depends on distance we need to travel.

Example 2: bromsgrove House Removals. A move from sidemoor in bromsgrove to Oakhalls estate. Downsizing from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed house. Contents of house, garden, and garage. A very crammed new house. It all just about fitted in 2 vans together. As it was a house sale/purchase its essential theres enough vans the have it all out in one go. Cost was £750.

Example 3: Redditch (Brockhill) House Removal. A house/apartment move from a 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment in Brockhill Redditch with a lift to a standard build 3 bedroom house in Churchill Redditch. 1 1/2 vans full of furniture and quite a few box’s. Total cost of the move which began at 9.30am was £550 inclusive of waiting time for keys which caused a delay of 2 hours.

Example 4: Redditch House Removals. a 2 bedroom bungalow in bromsgrove, everything fitted easily in 1 van load and cost £400 with no delay on keys for the new property. Prices depending upon how much furniture and belongings you have.

Example 5: Furniture Removals in Redditch – Moving a large 3 piece suite, 3 seater leather recliner locally,(was meant to be £45) we had to remove doors from the living room and take parts of the suite apart. Due to the complications a 45 minute / 1 hour job took 3 hours and cost £115. To keep prices down you need to ensure things will fit thru doors and if needed take then apart and remove the doors yourself to avoid us have to charge for extra time.

Example 6: Redditch Man & Van only service. residents bring everything out to the Van and we load it in securely. then unload at destination for you to carry in. A 3 bedroom house loaded into the luton van. this is our cheapest service and is a great price. this job example started at 9am and completed at 1pm and cost £180 which was £45 per hour for 4 hours with our man making sure everything loaded in correctly to maximise space and secure for transport

Example 7: House Clearance in Redditch – Clearing a house of all its furniture. We do not Re-sell furniture. If in good condition we will try to donate to local charity. Clearance of a 2 bedroom house. Prices on house clearance are based upon how much time we think it will take to remove the furniture and then we have to travel to a commercial refuse depot as big white vans are not permitted entrance to the public tip. We are charged per ton and also have to sort different materials making it quite time consuming. An average van full may weigh up to 2 tons if fully loaded with old wooden furniture which can cost over £350 in tipping fees alone before we charge for out time. Most of the time a completely full van loaded to the ceiling had a total cost of £600 inclusive of tipping fees.

Prices includes the cost of everything and calculated from door to door

Generally, no hidden costs and extra charges apply. However, this may vary depending on distance travelled and factors such as floor level, the need to remove any doors or disassemble furniture, etc.

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