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Need to Clear out a house?

Whether you have lost a loved one, are the representative in charge of a house clearance for a family member, or are a court-appointed probate professional, our professional and insured removal crews are ready to help you clear away both the debris and treasures of a life well lived and hurry the settling of the estate or the readying of the home for resale.

We service Redditch, Bromsgrove and all surrounding areas. ( Worcestershire, Warwickshire & West Midlands) . From furniture stored in a dusty attic, rubbish in a basement and a garage full of junk to removing the wardrobes,m beds, kitchen appliances and even the personal effects if needed, our professional team arrives and immediately begins to sort all items left behind, bags, recycles or disposal (in an environmentally-friendly way) those things to be cleared away and we even  arrange charitable donations of those items deemed to be of some value to others less fortunate if you so wish.

If, however, the situation is more complicated and the deceased had, because of emotional problems or dementia, become a hoarder and room after room is stuffed with their “treasure” that a reasonable person would call “junk”, our experienced team can clear away and dispose of even the filthiest of messes—those that have become a biohazard.

Dads Removals Clearance Services have assisted with estate clearings in the Redditch & Bromsgrove area for many years and no job has been too large, too small or too dirty for our crews. We save time, money and the unnecessary complication and environmental impact of renting a skip and disposing of everything in our already burdened local landfills.

If you are liquidating an estate, either as a representative, a family member or friend, let Dads Removals provide efficient, affordable and reliable assistance for our house clearance needs.

Appointments can be made on short-notice, with same day appointments often available, and we look forward to providing our services to you.

CALL NOW to make an IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT: 07446-840964

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